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For over three decades, Ms. Sally Smith has dedicated herself to creating beautiful designs through the art of stained glass. From 1967-1972 she studied many facets of art, including, drawing, art history and sculpture. Continuously building on what is obviously a natural inborn gift of design and creativity, she then ventured into the world of glass. In 1982 Stained Glass Services was born, specializing in historic restoration, repair and the creation of customized stained glass. From that very moment, Ms. Smith and her exquisitely original artwork became a common name in the stained glass business. She proudly offers Stained Glass services throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex.

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With such notable clients as Grace United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas and Gaston Oaks Baptist Church also in Dallas, Texas, plus thousands of well respected Dallas residents, Ms. Smith has proudly established a showcase of artwork for all to enjoy. Her meticulous attention to detail through hand-painted and kiln-fired glass has glorified and provided outstanding accent to churches, homes and many other clients for many years.

Stained Glass Services Dallas TX

Stained Glass Services Dallas TX

Her keen sense to detail, and creativity, outstanding craftsmanship, uncompromising customer loyalty and competitive pricing had proven to be foundational for the success of Stained Glass Services in the Dallas metrplex. All qualities you can not only expect but you can whole-heartedly depend on when you hire Stained Glass Services for your decorating needs. If you are in the Dallas, Texas area and you would like too schedule a consultation please feel free to contact Stained Glass Services today at 214-339-1535.

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